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  Insurance Services

Client Presentations

An Envision Healthcare representative will gladly assist you with onsite enrollment on sold cases. We will always be willing to set up a teleconference to explain the process to your client and provide you with the necessary sales support you need to close a case. Our job is to make your job easy. You can always count on us to provide you a professional presentation which is easy to understand and sends the message home on how your client can save money on their health insurance cost today. View a sample proposal now.

Underwriting Support

Our underwriting support team along with our dedicated underwriter at the insurance company guarantees that your case will receive special attention and speedy turnaround. We will scrub your case and make sure that all the requirements requested by the underwriter are communicated to you so that we receive a quick approval. We also offer pre-screening services which will provide you with load-factor based on the information we have been provided.

Smooth Installation Process

Your dedicated Envision Healthcare account manager will make sure that the installation process runs properly with your client. We will make sure that all of the requirements are in place with the insurance company and Envision after the case is sold. We will provide your clients with all of the necessary forms and documents to make sure the administration process runs easy.

Envision Institute

The Envision Institute publishes a weekly newsletter “Consumer Choice Review” that will make sure you are well informed on matters which concern this field. Our newsletter is emailed to our brokers and available online. Our informational tool lets you know the newest trends and how you can utilize them, to educate your clientele and increase sales. We will provide you and your clients with seminars and teleconference sessions which will allow you to be as educated as possible on all aspects of “Consumer Choice Review.” The Envision Institute will also notify you of upcoming sessions and provide you with the tools to provide expertise to your clients and their staff.

Envision WebQuote

Envision will allow you to receive quotes and forms online. You can us our site to fulfill whatever you need to have as it relates to Consumer Driven Healthcare. Through our links you will be able to receive a fast and accurate insurance quote. We also will provide you with a link or an email with the form you need to get your case approved by our underwriting support team.

The rates you will receive from our representatives are fully commissionable to licensed producers and pre-underwritten so you can quote with confidence. Our goal at Envision is to put more commission dollars in your pocket and help you attract and retain new clients. Click on us now so that we can get started.