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  Health Savings Accounts

Our qualified Health Savings Account is an ideal solution for Sole Proprietors and small corporations with fewer than five employees. A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a High-Deductible health insurance plan with a tax-exempt saving vehicle attached to it. In an HSA, the High-Deductible health plan is used to cover large expense items like hospitalizations and surgeries while the savings vehicle is used to pay for day-day-items on an as-incurred basis. The advantages to these types of plans include:

Lower premiums: Since you are buying a plan with a high deductible you will realize an immediate rate reduction of between 35%-50%.

  • Additional tax breaks: All deposits made by you into the accounts are on a pre-tax basis.
  • Freedom of choice: As the money deposited into an HSA is yours, you can spend it tax free for any medical service you want with any provider you choose. These services can include eyewear, dentistry, chiropractic care, and alternative medicine.
  • Financial gain: Similar to an IRA, monies left in the account's balance at the end of any particular year is 100% deductible from gross income and will rollover into the following years' accumulated balance and grow tax-free, with interest, until age 65.

Establishing an HSA is a two step process. We first help you select the correct plan for your individual needs. These plans are primarily offered through Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Fortis, Starmark, and UniCare. Once the medical plan is in force we will then assist you in creating individual HSA's through our partner administrator, HSA Bank.