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  Help Employers Save On Their Healthcare Premium Costs With The Envision EZ HRA

Hesitant to move your clients to a cost-saving HRA Plan? Take the easy route and consider the “Envision EZ HRA” which starts with a high deductible PPO program with drug card and co-pay.

Here’s how it works:

Start the Consumer Drive Plan process by installing a high deductable PPO Plan that includes a drug card and doctor’s office co-pays. Then use the HRA to fund the difference in employee costs of the higher deductable. This method almost always saves healthcare dollars. The savings come from a reduction in premium cost and lower utilization of the HRA fund.

The logic behind the “EZ HRA”:

In almost all cases the highest drug utilizers in a group benefit from a properly designed HRA, without drug card or office co-pay.

However, when an employee is accustomed to a drug card and office visit co-pays, Human Resource professionals and employers are hesitant to move into this high benefit, low cost HRA option. We now have a solution for your clients to consider: The Envision EZ HRA.

The biggest benefits of starting an “Envision EZ HRA” program with a drug card and co-pays are the lack of HR headaches and employee training time. Also, as rate increases continue and all parties are comfortable with the HRA arrangement, the cost saving realized when transitioning to a full HRA without a drug card and co-pay is much easier and painless for both the employer and employee.